To me, painting is all about capturing memories by hand. My passion for painting buildings started during my young years of traveling. In the beginning I tried to capture the atmosphere with words in my journals. When words weren't enough I would supplement with doodles, drawings and eventually paintings. They were always the best souvenirs to bring home from anywhere. For a few years I tried the "adult life" with a business degree and a steady job at the Danish shipping giant, Maersk. Though, eventually I had to follow my heart and passion for painting I am currently based in my home town, Copenhagen, where I spend most of my time creating commissioned paintings and selling prints of some of the best spots around the city. On the side I work as a voice actor dubbing cartoons into Danish - something I've done for almost 20 years. In my class I will be sharing this passion as well as the secrets on to how get started with painting your favorite buildings around the city - with a personal touch. Perfect reproductions is what we have cameras for. In my class we will treat paint as a medium to capture the atmosphere and the memories.

Languages: Danish, English


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