My name is Melanie and I'm a young self-taught woman based in Copenhagen. I've always had an interest for drawing, and was usually the kid everyone needed a sketch from. I've experienced with a bunch of techniques, as painting, grafitti, lineart etc., since I love challenges and being spontanous. However, I found out I really love surrealistic artists, so I started out by drawing realism 6 years ago with custom animal portraits that I've sold all over the world. Now having a good basis for realistic drawings I love to use that skill and create more surrealistic art. I see that as a way for me to incorporate small, fine details and creativity. A couple of months ago I wanted to expand my horizons and started tattooing in a tattoo shop, since I wanted a way for me to incooperate art with people. I love talking with people and teaching, which I why I now want to take a step further and be a part of ARTXP where I get to mix all of the things I love to do into one.

Languages: English, Danish


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