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Level: suitable for all levels

Type: talk & workshop

Make your own “Artmoney” and get better at expressing ideas with your own visual language. We will turn the creative process into a play space! The basic idea of Artmoney is that anyone can produce a hand-made currency at a fixed value that can be spent at regular shops. Lars Christian Kræmmer is the founder of Artmoney and a professional artist, and in this workshop he will be guiding you in creating your own Artmoney! During this workshops, he will guide you through a fun, creative and thought-provoking group experience spiced up with wild stories to spark creativity and imagination, from real life as an artist and a member of the Adventurers Club of Denmark. We will work individually and as a group, drawing with various tools on paper. Bring home the Artmoney that you make and spend them as you like! Join with a friend, or come meet new ones! Ticket Includes: • Admission to a 2-hour guided drawing workshop where you will create your own Artmoney. You will create several of your own original Artmoney, each worth DKK 200. • Drawing instructions spiced up with wild stories to spark creativity and imagination • All art material including drawing paper (size 12x18 cm) and colourful pencils • Refreshments including coffee and tea • A creative and thought-provoking drawing experience About Artmoney Artmoney was founded in 1997 by Lars Christian Kræmmer. It is an alternative, global currency of original art that can be made by anyone and spent directly at shops, just like money! The basic idea of artmoney is, that artists and individuals produce a hand-made currency at a fixed value that can be spend at regular shops. Artists and individuals create Artmoney. Companies accept Artmoney as payment. Collectors buy Artmoney as inexpensive, original art. The concept of exchanging art for goods and services is as old as humankind and the value of art is recognized by all people. Artmoney simply introduces a system that unites format and value to make exchange easy, fun and beautiful. Artmoney holds the format 12x18 cm and the value of Danish Kroner 200. This applies to all artists at all social and professional levels from all countries. When it comes to Artmoney, all people are worth the same. There are currently more the 12,000 original works of art listed on Artmoney.org that are considered as Artmoney, in over 38 countries. Welcome to a world of imagination and real human relations through creativity!

This experience is also available for private bookings.

Minimum booking price: 2400 dkk
Groups bigger then 8 guests will pay the ticket price per person.
Additional guests will be charged the ticket price: 300 dkk.

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Sted: this experience can be held at your location or the artists location.

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Artmoney studio
Esromgade 15, room 1306
2200, Copenhagen

Lars Christian Kræmmers private art studio in Copenhagen.

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