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Level: beginner

Type: workshop

Join this online space of creativity, where we’ll unleash our painting skills to create beautiful artwork with acrylic paint and water. During this online experience, we will each create a unique piece of artwork based on the landscape painting in the above grid image of a landscape painting. I will guide you through the process step by step, and show you how you can apply your newly enabled painting skills to a variety of other motifs. The goal is to get your right-brain back in the game, and give you the experience that there’s endless possibilities to what you can create from blank canvas. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a unique painting to light up your home, and you’ll be equipped to continue your painting practice. The program for the workshop is: - Introduction incl. my story as an artist and how I live life artfully - What mindset to approach artmaking with - Learn how to mix, create, and prepare colors - Basics of acrylic painting tools, canvas and practice - Step by step painting instructions in completing the reference landscape painting - How to continue exploring acrylic painting on your own I can’t wait to meet you and see what creations we come up with together! What to bring: - A Canvas and the size is up to you, but for a first painting I recommend a size between 30-50 cm (eg. 30x40 cm canvas would be a good option) - Acrylic paint. we will use the primary colors red, yellow and blue as well as black and white. You can easily find a cheap box of different smaller tubes - A mixing tray/plate for your paints - Water cup - Paper tissues - Small, medium and large brush (e.g. size 6, 15, 20) - Water spray bottle (not necessary if you don’t have one) Language: The workshop will be conducted in English and/or Danish, depending on the participants. Ticket includes: - Admission to a 2 h guided online painting experience - Step by step painting instructions for everyone to follow - Painting techniques including color mixing - Landscape photo reference - Direct guidance and assistance in the painting process - A beautiful original artwork made by you! Note: The reference image is yours to take and create from during and after the event, but if you have your own photo you’d like to recreate in art, don’t hesitate to bring it – even if your left brain tells you it’s difficult to make, I can assure you, you can do it! Who is this for? This online workshop is suitable for all levels, particularly for beginners who want to enjoy a relaxing and good time developing basic painting techniques and exploring acrylic painting. No previous experience with painting is necessary, nor do you need to know how to paint. Join on your own or bring your friends or team together for a fun artistic online experience.

This experience is also available for private bookings.

Minimum booking price: 1500 dkk
Groups bigger then 6 guests will pay the ticket price per person.

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Location: this experience can only be held at the artists location.

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Lot Winther

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Languages: English, Danish

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This online experience will be streaming live via Google Meet. The Google Meet link will be sent out to you in your electronic ticket once you have purchased your ticket(s).


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